The Mob chats with Peter Drucker

Author: Slakzee | Date: March 9, 2018

City Boss Sladgy got to sit down with singer and songwriter Peter Drucker.

Peter Drucker, Montreal native, is quickly becoming a rising star on the indie pop scene. With his first project E.P. “Hell and Hurricanes”; Peter has managed to capture the sound of his eclectic upbringing. With a soundscape ranging from Francis and the Lights to John Mayer and George Michael, Peter created an E.P. with an infectious enthusiasm, and a lyrical intensity spanning this well-crafted collection of glimpses, into his mind.

Youthful and ambitious, Peter Drucker bursts into 2017 with an armory of tracks ranging from keyboard and electric guitar playing to catchy, heartfelt tunes; all aided by a uniquely soulful voice and a dominant rhythm section that leaves listeners muttering choruses into the night.

See where he gets his inspiration, how he became a songwriter and why you should follow your dreams. Learn more at

Source article: The Mob’s Press